Work And Study (Ausbildung) in Germany with our Partner school in Germany

Germany offers numerous opportunities for international students to complete an apprenticeship and work at the same time. The dual training system combines theoretical training in vocational schools with practical experience in companies. This enables trainees to gain valuable professional experience while at the same time achieving financial independence. English Encounters’s partner school, the Sprachenzentrum Woehler, supports you in preparing for your apprenticeship in Germany with specialized German courses and comprehensive advice on visas, qualification recognition, searching an appropriate vocational training (Ausbildung),  and cultural integration.

Ausbildung in Germany

Germany offers a wide range of training programs that optimally combine theory and practice. There is a high demand for qualified professionals, especially in so-called shortage occupations. These include:

The dual training system allows you to gain practical experience in a company while acquiring theoretical knowledge in vocational school. Sprachenzentrum Woehler supports you in preparing for training in Germany with specialized German courses and comprehensive advice on visas, qualification recognition, and cultural integration.


Trainees from EU countries


People from EU member states can complete a dual training program in Germany without age restrictions and without additional authorization. This also applies to nationals of EFTA states (Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland).

Registration at the place of residence

Once the trainee lives in Germany, they must register with the residents’ registration office or citizens’ office within two weeks of moving in. It is advisable to schedule an appointment before moving in.

Trainees from non-EU countries

A dual vocational training in Germany is also possible for people from non-EU countries without age restrictions. For this, you need a visa, which must be applied for at the relevant foreign mission in your home country. Important requirements are:

  • Language skills: Proof of German language proficiency at least at level B1.
  • School diploma: Proof of a school diploma.
  • Vocational Training contract: Presentation of a signed training contract.
  • Approval from the Federal Employment Agency (BA): Reviews the working conditions.
  • Health insurance and living expenses: Proof of statutory health insurance and sufficient financial resources.
  • Residence permit: Required for training purposes and must be applied for at the foreign mission. A valid passport is necessary.


Our Services Include

Selection of suitable candidates/Ausbildung

We carefully review the qualifications and experiences of applicants to ensure they meet the requirements of the training/profession.

German Language Course

We offer specialized German courses that focus on terminology and communication in the professional world.

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Support with the visa application process

We assist in applying for appropriate visas to make the process as smooth as possible.

Integration and Training

We offer cultural orientation and training to ease applicants' transition to Germany and their integration into their new roles.

Visa Options

Visa for Completing Vocational Training


  • Visa for vocational training in Germany


Target Group:

  • Nationals from non-EU countries


  • Proof of training placement (contract)
  • German language skills (usually level B1)
  • Sufficient financial resources for living expenses


  • Find a training place and sign a training contract.
  • Prove your knowledge of German (usually level B1).
  • Prove you have the financial means to cover your living expenses.
  • Apply for a visa at the German diplomatic mission abroad.
  • Make an appointment to apply for a visa and submit the necessary documents.
  • Obtain approval from the Federal Employment Agency (if necessary).
    Obtain a visa and enter Germany.
  • Register with the residents’ registration office within two weeks of moving in.
  • Apply for a residence permit at the immigration office.

Visa for Seeking a Training Placement

For seeking a training placement, it is possible to apply for a visa for the purpose of finding a training position. This allows you to come to Germany for up to 9 months to apply for positions and find a suitable training placement.


Proof of school diploma

You possess a school diploma that qualifies you for university entrance or a diploma from a German international school.

Proof of language proficiency

You can demonstrate German language proficiency at level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Age Limit

You have not yet reached the age of 35.

Securing living expenses

Your living expenses are secured for the entire duration of your stay. Proof can be provided by opening a blocked account with at least 1,027 euros per month (year 2024) or through a declaration of commitment.

Step-by-step for Applicants

Der Bewerbungsprozess – Schritt für Schritt

Durch diesen strukturierten Prozess stellen wir sicher, dass unsere Bewerber optimal vorbereitet und unterstützt werden, um erfolgreich in Deutschland arbeiten und leben zu können.

Submit Application

Interested students should send their resume, school diploma, and proof of German language proficiency (if available).

Pre-screening and Selection

We review the applications and conduct initial video interviews to assess the candidates' suitability and discuss the vocational training profession.

Language Courses and Preparation

Selected applicants participate in our specialized German courses (online in their home country) to improve their language skills and prepare for working in Germany.

Application for a Training Placement (Ausbildung)

With the help of Sprachenzentrum Woehler, you apply for the desired training placement.

Visa Application

We support applicants in applying for the appropriate visa and compiling all necessary documents.

Arrival in Germany

Upon successful visa approval, we assist applicants with travel preparations and their arrival in Germany.

Integration and Job Start (Ausbildung)

We offer comprehensive support in finding accommodation, orientation on site and integration into the work environment.

Online language courses in your home country (A1-B1)

Course Description:

The Sprachenzentrum Woehler offers flexible and interactive online German courses that allow you to learn German from anywhere. Our courses are specially designed for students who want to prepare for their careers in Germany.

Course Content:

  • Basics of the German language, focus on everyday communication.
  • Basics of the German language.
  • Basic vocabulary and simple sentences.
  • Everyday communication.


    • Flexible learning: Learn according to your own schedule, when and where it suits you.
    • Interactive lessons: Live lessons with qualified teachers and interactive exercises.
    • Practical content: Special content for the job.
    • Support: Support from our teachers and access to learning materials around the clock.

Why chose Sprachenzentrum Woehler

Experienced Teachers

Our teachers are experts in teaching German as a foreign language.

Personalized Care and attention

Individual support to help you achieve your learning goals.

Cultural Orientation

Preparation for living and working in Germany.

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