Learn Spanish

Fast Facts

  • Group Course:
    • Sessions: Twice per week (Mondays/Thursdays)
    • Duration: 6 weeks
    • Price: $449
    • Start: 9 September 2024
  • Private German Course:
    • Sessions: Mornings/afternoons/evenings during the week + Saturday mornings
    • Duration: 10 or 20 lessons
    • Price: 10 lessons: $795; 20 lessons: $1395
    • Start: Anytime


Unlock your potential in Spanish with our expertly designed program at English Encounters, tailored for individuals with demanding weekday schedules. This course offers a thorough immersion into the Spanish language, with each module carefully crafted to provide comprehensive learning without disrupting your routine. Perfect for professionals aiming to enhance their language skills effectively, our program equips you with the confidence and proficiency needed to master every aspect of Spanish.

Course Content

  • Sessions:
    • Group Course: Twice per week (Mondays/Thursdays)
    • Private Course: Mornings/afternoons/evenings during the week + Saturday mornings
  • Duration
      • Group Course: 6 weeks
      • Private Course: 10 or 20 lessons
  • Price
    • Group Course: $449
    • Private Course: 10 lessons: $795; 20 lessons: $1395
  • Instructor-Led: Certified professionals with a focus on real-world application
  • Resources: Extensive training materials, practice tests, and real-world scenarios
  • Customizable Focus: Tailored to individual needs, from basic conversation to advanced fluency
  • Flexible Design: Adapted to personal learning objectives and linguistic challenges
  • Expert Guidance: Personalized attention to fine-tune proficiency and address unique challenges in language acquisition
  • Advanced Resources: Access to specialized materials and continuous feedback
  • Entrance test to find out current level of German

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