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Learn English in Canada

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Welcome To Canada

Welcome to Canada we invite you to join us in a small, friendly language school in Burlington, Canada, which provides an intimate atmosphere in which to improve your English skills.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality intensive English courses where the emphasis is on communication. Individual attention is our first priority and at English Encounters we make sure you receive the attention you need in a comfortable and convenient setting near Toronto.

Please note that government regulations stipulate that student visas (require to study for longer than 6 months) will only be issued to students registered at a language school designated by the Canadian government.

Our Designation Learning Institution (DLI) number is : O19283938092 (the first character is the letter O followed by the number). Please indicate this number on your visa application! Burlington is conveniently located very close to both Toronto and Niagara Falls (about 75 km from each!). Burlington has often been voted one of the best cities in the country. 

You can find all information about our beautiful City at  www.tourismburlington.com. We invite you to watch our School Video, to find out more about studying with us in Canada! 

Learn English and Enjoy Ontario, Canada

Best mid-sized city and best place in Canada for immigrants Burlington, a city of 166,000 people, is a wonderful place to stay and study English. It is located in southern Ontario on the north shore of Lake Ontario between Toronto and Hamilton. It is a very safe area with a high standard of living. 

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