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28 Mar 2024

Allocation of Study Permit Applications



The federal government’s January 2024 policy introduced a cap on the number of international study permit applications processed over the next two years. This measure distributes a total of 606,250 applications nationwide, with Ontario receiving an allocation for 235,000 applications. The anticipated approval rate is 60%, translating to approximately 141,000 study permits for Ontario institutions.

Institutional Allocation

Ontario’s Ministry has outlined its commitment to upholding the integrity of the province’s international postsecondary education system through a strategic allocation process. This process is centered on the following criteria:

  • Aligning enrollments with provincial and national labor market demands.
  • Prioritizing institutions eligible for post-graduation work permits to support student retention.
  • Ensuring financial sustainability, recognizing the significance of international tuition fees.
  • Equitable distribution of international students to benefit all regions within the province.

Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) Process

In alignment with federal mandates, all new study permit applications will necessitate a PAL, indicating the province’s ability to include the applicant within the application cap. Ontario will manage this through the Ontario College Application Service (OCAS), requiring institutions to procure a PAL from the ministry for students with accepted admission offers who require a study permit. The PAL will then be send by the institution to the student for the study permit application.

Highlight for English Encounters in Burlington

Compared with historical data, we can confirm that we have capacity to accommodate international students wishing to study for periods longer than 6 months with us. We are prepared to comply with the new PAL process and to support the federal and provincial directives aimed at maintaining the integrity of educational services for international students.