Social Programs


Our staff is also happy to help you plan a trip to Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, New York or anywhere else you would like to go! Local excursions are available as school trips (with a teacher and at very reasonable rates!) to Niagara Falls, Outlet Shopping, The CN Tower, nature parks, the Mennonite village, museums, and many other attractions! Experience Canada!

Social Time

We organize an optional social program for our students with movie nights, games nights, karaoke at the local pub – 19+, picnics, sailing, barbecues, trips to the Niagara, Toronto and other places of interest. Our students socialize together with activities such as lunches, movie nights, bowling, karaoke, visiting local pubs and discos (19+), going to the nearby beach or the park, and going by train to enjoy the many sights and activities in Toronto . There is a YMCA and other fitness centres in the area where you can exercise or swim, not to mention the beach and countless walking and biking trails throughout the city. In winter we have ice skating and ski excursions can be arranged.

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