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31 Jan 2024

Study Permit Changes


The Canadian government has announced measures to stabilize the growth of international students in Canada. For 2024, and starting immediately, there will be a cap of approximately 360,000 study permits, a 35% decrease from 2023. This cap is temporary for two years and aims to address pressures on services like housing and healthcare. Study permit renewals, master’s and doctoral degrees, and elementary/secondary education are not included in the cap. Spouses of international students in master’s and doctoral programs will be eligible for open work permits. These changes are part of efforts to protect international students and ensure sustainable growth.

For students enrolling at English Encounters for a duration of more than 6 months and needing a study permit to begin their course, please be aware that an attestation letter from the Government of Ontario is now required for the application. Currently, the Ontario Government does not have a system in place to issue such letters. It’s important to note that the deadline for provincial governments to create such a system is March 31. Students are advised to stay updated on this matter and prepare accordingly for their visa applications.

For students interested in short-term courses at English Encounters, using a visitor visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is recommended, particularly because the new Canadian measures mainly impact students planning to study for 6 months or longer. English Encounters offers courses starting from 2 weeks, which aligns well with these visa options. It’s noteworthy that the majority of our students typically opt for these visas, making it a convenient choice for those planning shorter study durations.

For detailed information, you can read the full article on the Government of Canada’s website here. Please also read additional information provided my Languages Canada to students, families, and education agents worldwide.