IELTS Weekend Preparation

Fast Facts

  • 12 Group Lessons per skill
  • Duration: Each module runs for 4 weeks
  • Small Group Sessions: Held on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 11:50 AM
  • Focus: Intensive IELTS preparation across all modules (Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing)
  • Pricing: Each module priced at $350
  • Enrollment: Limited spaces, advance registration required
  • Contact: For registration and personalized assistance, call +1 905 847 0582
  • Upcoming Modules:
    • Writing: May 4 – May 25
    • Listening: June 1 – June 22
    • Reading: June 29 – July 20
    • Speaking: July 27 – August 17


Prepare to excel at the IELTS with our specialized training program at English Encounters, designed specifically for those with busy weekday schedules. The course provides an intensive exploration of all IELTS modules, with each skill-focused segment meticulously planned over four weeks. You’ll benefit from the deep expertise of certified instructors who emphasize real-world application of language skills. The course structure allows for focused study in small groups on Saturdays, enabling comprehensive learning without weekday disruptions. Ideal for professionals seeking to improve their language proficiency efficiently, our program ensures you gain confidence and mastery in each IELTS component.

Course Content

  • 12 Group Lessons Per Skill
  • Comprehensive IELTS Preparation: Detailed study of Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing
  • IELTS Sample Tests
  • Structured Schedule: Four-week modules for each skill area
  • Instructor-Led: Certified professionals with a focus on exam success and practical application
  • Resources: Use of extensive training materials, practice tests, and real IELTS exam content
  • Customizable Focus: Tailored to individual needs, from test-taking strategies to specific language skills
  • Flexible Design: Adapted to cater to personal learning objectives and linguistic challenges
  • Expert Guidance: Personalized attention to fine-tune proficiency and address unique challenges in language acquisition
  • Advanced Resources: Access to specialized materials and direct instructor feedbac

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