Accelerated English Course

The focus in all our courses is on communication

Fast Facts

•20 group + 10 private lessons per week
•4 weeks duration 
•small group (3-9 students) lessons (usually in the mornings) 
•private lessons (usually in the afternoons and/or Saturdays)
•all language topics including grammar, idioms, pronunciation, vocabulary, comprehension, conversation and more!
•general English 
•private lessons focus on individual needs (eg. Business English, TOEFL, TOEIC, speaking, writing, etc.) 
•daily homework assignments 
•6 levels 
•regular testing 


Designed for busy professionals with limited time, the Accelerated English Course allows you to maximize your English language training and immersion experience in a short time. In group lessons, which are typically held in the morning, students benefit from group interaction which particularly helps build conversation skills in addition to all the other skills (reading, listening, speaking, writing, and grammar). After lunch, Accelerated Course students take two intensive one-to-one lessons. Students can choose the set curriculum of Business English and/or, being a private class, students can focus on their specific needs such as Test Preparation (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, or Cambridge), pronunciation, or Academic English. The private teacher conducts a needs assessment in the first class and customizes lessons and assignments according to the student’s needs and objectives. Choose this course to maximize your learning potential and “accelerate” your acquisition of English language skills!

Course Content Group Lessons (20/week)

•based on American Headway textbook series 
•6 levels – Beginner, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, High Intermediate, Semi-Advanced, Advanced 
•each level correlates to TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELTS score ranges 
•regular testing (eg. biweekly) and opportunity for promotion 
•includes use of coursebook, workbook, access to audio download centre, and Online Skills Program (optional) 
•supplemental materials include frequent handouts for grammar, vocabulary, Canadian culture, business English, and idioms 
•all skills including conversation, grammar, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing, discussion, debate, role play 

Private Lessons (10/week)
•based on Market Leader textbook series (Business English) 


•curriculum for private lessons can be customized according to student needs 
•teacher assesses student needs and interests and designs a curriculum which responds to them 
•common needs include remedial grammar or vocabulary, conversation skills, pronunciation, test preparation (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, FCE), and business English      

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